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Joseph E. Proctor Memorial Park


Proctor Park Community
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Proctor Park Mission Statement

A place of honor and remembrance, A place of reflection and thanksgiving,
A place of community and celebration.

Proctor Park honors those individuals who have protected our community and our nation through their selfless service in our country's armed services and law enforcement, fire protection and emergency services. Through its very name, Proctor Park especially remembers those individuals who made the supreme sacrifice.

Proctor Park is a place where visitors are encouraged to reflect on the lives and sacrifices of those so honored and remembered and give thanks for all those who continue in their footsteps.

Proctor Park celebrates a community that came together as a family because of a fallen son and to honor a life given. It is a place where we continue to celebrate our way of life and life itself.

In a clinic in Al Asad, Iraq
Flag sent to Charlie Linville
and Todd Clayton
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